Japan Tourist Destinations and Attractions

1. Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji is a Japan's famous symbol and is often depicted in artwork and photos, as well as visited by tourists and mountaineers.

Mount Fuji, in the local language called Fujiyama, located in northwest of Tokyo. Mount Fuji is a mountain of snow, that is not active volcano and has 3778 meters above sea level. It is Japan's iconic tourist destinations, as well as the most popular. Mount Fuji is regarded by local people as a sacred mountain. Therefore, the people considered sacred mountains that flanked the city of Yokohama, Shizuoka, and Kofu.

Mount Fuji is the main object during the holiday trip to Japan. Nature lovers often make the climb to Mount Fuji. When you take the train from Yokohama to Shizuoka city, then you can enjoy beautiful views of Mount Fuji from the famous bullet train in Japan. A fantastic experience!

Aokigahara forest, The forest at the valley of Mount Fuji is known as the "suicide forest" because every year hundreds of suicide victim's body was found there. Aokigahara forest is very dense. If you want to "hide" and not found again, Aokigahara Forest is the right place : ).

2. Okunoshima Island, The “Rabbit Island”, Hiroshima

Located in Hiroshima, Japan, is inhabited thousands of rabbits. In fact, the rabbit population is much larger than humans. Rabbit lovers should vacation to the Okunoshima Island!
Okunoshima Island has a frightening  history before it was transformed so cute  as it’s now. During World War II, the island was used as biological weapons-making factory. This uninhabited island produces many toxic gases.

At that time, the rabbit is used as test materials for biological weapons. After end of World War, the island is left blank and leaving thousands of rabbits. The years passed, the biological weapons was already cleared by the Japanese government. Today, the island of Okunoshima open for those who want to  vacation there.

There is a hotel to stay here. There is also an information center for tourists and a place that serves a bike rent. It’s so many tourists who came here because they want to see cute rabbits that are not afraid with humans.  Is a lot of rabbits here, most of them do not run away if approached.

You can travel around  the island with a bicycle. In addition to playing with a rabbit, you can also visit a Poison Gas Museum. In 1988, this museum was built with the aim of educating the public about the toxic gas plant ever built here.

3. Hiroshima Castle

Hiroshima Castle is a historic building in the city of Hiroshima. Built during the reign of Mori Terumoto, Hiroshima Castle became a popular tourist spot visited by tourists from local and abroad. Hiroshima Castle is a historic building in the city of Hiroshima. Built during the reign of Mori Terumoto, Hiroshima Castle became a popular tourist spot visited by tourists from local and overseas. Hiroshima Castle is also known as Koi Palace, since the beginning of the palace is surrounded by three broad moat, which contains koi fish.

Hiroshima Castle today is a simplification from the old building which consists of three layers of gates. Although the palace was destroyed by the atomic bomb in World War II, the Japanese government restored this Palace so now can be a tourist destination.

4. Kegon Waterfall

Kegon waterfall known as the most popular suicide location in Japan. This tourist attractions is located in the Niko National Park, Tochigi area, Japan. When you are on holiday to this place, try to take the elevator from the top to the bottom of the Kegon waterfall.

The beauty of this waterfall seen from the spring in the Lake Chuzenji that flows into Daiya River. This waterfall  is one of the three most beautiful waterfalls in Japan. Another two is Fukuroda waterfall and Nachi waterfall.

Kegon waterfall is a famous and special place because there are a lot of Japanese artists who perpetuate their suicide moment at this place. Although many Japanese who attempted suicide in the Kegon waterfall, this place is still open for public.

5. Kawagoe The Old Town

The old town Kawagoe is a destination that should be visited by the history lovers traveler. Here, you can see the old town that ready to take you into the era of samurai through their various buildings.

Kawagoe is located in Saitama Prefecture, Tokyo, Japan. This city is an old town, which offers a typical old city in Japan. Kawagoe always crowded with tourists from home and abroad. Here you can see the original Japanese culture.

Here you can find a lot of buildings that have existed since the Edo period in 1603. Almost all of the original building shapes is maintained without any major changes.

6. Hateruma Island

At the southern of Japan, there are beautiful Yaeyama Islands . From all of the islands in Yaeyama, Hateruma island is the most beautiful. Isolated, no crowds, and blends nicely with the blue Pacific Ocean. This island is a tropical region in Japan.

Hateruma is the most beautiful island in Japan. Hateruma also get into the 501 Must-Visit Islands from Bounty Books.

Hateruma Island also has local residents. They live in the middle of the island, they generally work as fishermen. Some of them also work as sugar cane farmers, and produce alcohol drink called Awanami.

It's easy to visited this beautiful island. There are many flights from major cities such as Tokyo and Kyoto to the Ishigaki island. When you arrived at Ishigaki, the journey will continue by boat directly to Hateruma.

7. Blood Pond Hot Spring, Beppu

According the name, Blood Pond Hot Spring, the water color is red,  as red as blood. Located in the Beppu city, Oita Province, Japan, this natural hot spring pools become a tourist destination due to natural phenomena that the only one in the world.

If explained in science, the red color of the pool is derived from the high iron concentrate. When large amounts of iron concentrate  meet the water, the red color will seen.

If you want to come to this pool, you need to take a train from Tokyo (7 hours) or from Fukuoka (2.5 hours) to Beppu. The best time to visit is October to May, when the lake color is really red like blood.

8. Iwatayama Monkey Park

In this park, you can enjoy the beautiful of Kyoto panorama from the hill. You can also play around with red skin monkey at this park. This place is unique and much visited by local and foreign tourists.

As the name suggests, Iwatayama Monkey Park is inhabited by red-skin monkey. So many, you can see these primates in almost every place. Visitors can feed the monkeys only from inside a hut, food will be placed on a wire, and then the monkey take all foods  from the outside.


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