Phuket Beach Destinations and Attractions, Thailand

Panwa Beach

Named according to moslem villages around, Panwa Beach is a peaceful and beautiful beach. The beach is also called Khao Khat beach, close Novotel Panwa Beach Resort. Here, visitors can hire a long-tail boat to visit Koh Lone. Not just long-tail boat, but here also provided speedboat which you can rent.

This beach is not a good place for swim. Although it looks cool, but there is a very deep trough in the bottom, just a few meters from the beach. So it is very dangerous for swimming. So, what can be done here is sunbathing or just picnic.

Ya Nui Beach

This beach is one of the popular beaches in Phuket area, its comfortable waves  between November to April, which looks like a crystal water and the waves are very calm. Many tourists come here and don’t want to miss snorkeling attraction or paddling kayak.

About 700 meters from the beach, there is an island called Koh Keyao Noi or small green island. By boat, visitors will be able to reach the island, explore coral reefs, and even visited Nai Harn beach.

Laem Ka Beach

Rocky beach, Laem Ka, offering a million unique attraction for every tourists. This is the only beach on the south area that facing to east, Laem Ka can be used to swim for children and adults. Altough this is a rocky beach, visitors can still swim safely in this area. You can also snorkeling at this beach.

Although located on the southern territory, but the waves always calm along the year.

Rawai Beach

Rawai beach is filled by long-tailed boat. Here you can enjoy the scenery typical of Thailand and also clear blue waves crashing to shore. Located near Promthep Cape and across the Andaman sea, so this is very beautiful landscape.

This place is not a good place to swim, because too many boats here, it's better not to do it. When the sun goes down, There’s a lot of tourists to capture the precious moments. After that, dinner at Rawai Beach is also a pleasant experience.

Nai Yang Beach

Located near Sirinath National Park, Nai Yang Beach is one of several beautiful beaches in Phuket. If you want to visit, you can take route 402 from Phuket International Airport.

Some of activities can do here, such as snorkeling or swimming, which is favored by many children and can be done along the season. If you like diving, there are two institutions that can facilitate it, the Nautica Divers at the center of beach and Paradise Divers at Indigo Pearl. The most popular sport that can be done here is Kite Surfing where the wind will blow away the surfers up to 3 meters.

Nai Harn Beach

Nai Harn Beach presents a clear and calm water, no wonder if many tourists visit here to snorkeling. When the big waves, you will be more happy to surf. Nai Harn beach is presenting all water sports activities.

For snorkeling, there are a lot of vendors renting snorkel equipment one set at a cheap price. The best spot to snorkeling is in front of the Royal Phuket Yacht Club. Surfing can be done at the south coast. The wind is erratic, and at the right moment can give wave up to 3 meters. If you don’t have surf board, you can rent here.

Mai Khao Beach

Mai Khao Beach is famous for its status as a National Park. The beach is very beautiful with clear water. In November until April you will find small waves. Between May to October there will be a much larger waves, visitors are prohibited for swimming, because there is a steep trough directly into the Andaman Sea.

Visitors can snorkel next to one side of the beach. Various water sports can also be done here, such as jet ski and parasailing. If the waves are high, visitors can also surf here.

Kata Beach

With 1.5 kilometer long, Kata Beach brings much beauty and facilities. Although many people come here to enjoy the sun and swimming, but this beach never seemed crowded. This beach located in the south of Patong Beach.

In November to April, you will find calm waves, larger waves can be found from May to October, you can still swim in these months. Many people come here and don’t want to miss snorkel and surf. You can also try parasailing and windsurfer. For more expert, you can try scuba diving.

Karon Beach

This beach has 5 kilometers long. Karon Beach located about 3 kilometers from south Patong, and  north Kata Beach. This beach is one of the sea turtle habitat in Thailand. If you see a turtle will lay eggs, it is advisable to inform to your hotel,  then your hotel will tell to Phuket Marine Biological Centre, which will lay eggs in a safe incubation.

Some activities that you can do here is jet skiing, parasailing, water skiing and banana boat. The most popular here is wind surfing. There are also some tourists playing beach volley. Tourist women can also try a relaxing Thai massage at the beach.

Kamala Beach

This beach is a favorite tourist spot for sunbathing. In November through April, the waves rather low and quiet. However, in May to October, the waves tend to be higher. Throughout the year, this beach is suitable for swimming unless there is a red sign throwed to the air.

Not just swimming, visitors can snorkel on the north shore. This beach has white and large sand, so that more tourists prefer to sunbathing. However, a variety of water sports can also be done here, such as jet ski and parasailing. If the waves tend to be high, so you can also surf here.

Koh Hae (Coral Island)

Located about 3 kilometers southeast of Phuket, the island has two main beach, the Long Beach and Banana Beach. Many tourists called Coral Island cause in Banana Beach provided some facilities for snorkeling. When you snorkling into the sea, than you can see the magnificent coral. You can enjoy facilities such as banana boats, canoes, and snorkeling. There is also parasailing with only 600 baht.
If you want to go to this island, just use a long-tailed boat at Chalong pier. To go to Banana Beach, from the termination area takes about 15 minutes to walk.

Patong Beach

This is the most popular beach in Phuket. Located about 15 kilometers in the west of Phuket city, this beach has 3-kilometers long with white sand, packed with hotels, restaurants, bars (go-go bars and other types), discos and shops beside the dive shops, travel agencies and outlets serving equipment for windsurfing, snorkeling, sailing and parasailing that you can do around the beach.

Patong is mainly famous for its nightlife, which may be a rival for Pattaya. This beach might not be friendly for your families and children, like the other beaches in this area, because of many nightclubs and sex entertainment here. The best place to start a vacation with your family is to explore the surrounding area.

Transport to Patong Beach: Songtaew regularly leave Patong Beach in Phuket (20 Baht) as well as buses from Thawiwong Road (15 Baht).