South Korea Tourist Destinations and Attractions

1. N Seoul Tower

N Seoul Tower is located on top of Mount Namsan, Seoul. To get to this point there are several ways, first by using Seoul City Tour Bus that around every 30 minutes. Second, by sub-way from line three or four and get off at Chungmuro station. Then you exit through no. 2 and take the Namsan Shuttle Bus in front of Daehan cinema.

Want to try other travel experience? You can also take a cable car to get to N Seoul Tower. For the cable car, you can take subway line and get off at Myeongdong four exit 3. Then you walk to the Hotel Pacific for about 10 minutes to cable car station.

2. Han River

Han River is the largest river in Seoul and also the fourth largest river on the Korean Peninsula. This river has a about 512 kilometers long. In Nodeulseom Bridge you can enjoy the thrill of walking on the 300-meter bridge which seemed like a walk in the water, because the bridge is buried as deep as 30 cm in the water.

You can also enjoy the scenery along the river with bicycle. There are several bike rental places that you can find along the road by the river.

3. Nami Island

Nami island is one of the famous sights in Chuncheon. Nami island located in Gapyeong, about 30 minutes from Chuncheon. This island is a small land located in the middle of the river, and became one of the famous tourist attraction in Korea.

From Seoul or Chuncheon, Nami Island can be reached by subway line Gangchoen / Seoul-Chuncheon, and get off at Gapyeong Station. From the station can continue by taxi (about 4000 won), or by bus. In addition to using the train, Gapyeong can also be reached by bus, get off at the terminal Gapyeong, then continue by taxi.

If you have arrived at Nami island parking area, you are required to buy tickets to go to Nami Island. Ticket prices about 8000 won, it's included boat to crossing.

4. Jeju Island

The island is located off the coast from the main island of South Korea,  but like South Korea, Jeju is also still keep its modern hospitality and equipped with an international airport with regular flights from various regions in Japan, Shanghai, South Korea, and the main island, so makes staying connected with the world.

In Jeju, you can find interesting places, such as temples, museums, restaurants, places to shop, places to travel and enjoy the adventures, and other unexplored areas. The island has a sub-tropical weather that makes you able to get around to all the places most of the year.

This island has a beautiful natural landscape - from beaches, waterfalls and the highest peak. From Halla-san (the highest peak in South Korea), you can enjoy stunning panoramic views at sunrise and sunset.

5. Gyeonggi-Do

Gyeonggi-do is one province in Korea which has a wide range of natural beauty such as rivers and rice fields, temples and also scenery. You can take fantastic scenery like Bukhansan National Park, or Namhan Sanseong Provincial Park.

Bukhansan National Park

This park offers a beautiful view of the mountains, there are also some torrential streams, as well as temples. This park will be frequently visited by tourists on weekends.


In this place you can find Ho-Am Art Musemum, which contains about 91 Korean national treasures, art from the 20th century from other countries and other sculpture collections.


This place offers a variety of attractions. A castle surrounded by a fortress, built in 1231. The fortress was destroyed in 1866 by the French army, which invaded Korea in response to the implementation of the nine French Catholic missionaries.


This place is a remote area but it is well known as the production of the best ginseng in Korea. The place holds many small fort Dolmen (prehistoric burial chamber) which is a world heritage site with ancient stone altar.

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