Tourist Destinations and Attractions in Zhenzhen, China

Da Meisha and Xiao Meisha Beach

Da Meisha and Xiao Meisha are two beaches located in Yiantian District, Shenzhen. Both of these beaches offer beautiful sea views. You can relax or enjoy here while sunbathing on the beach. Xiao Meisha is a name derived from Oriental Hawaii. This name was given because Xiao Meisha surrounded by green mountains, with one side of the mountain overlooking the sea.

Da Meisha is the longest beach in Shenzhen with 1.8 kilometers long. This beach is much like Xiao Meisha, only much wider. This beach is also one of the most frequently visited by tourists throughout the year. In the mountains that surround this beach there are historical relic sites, mostly from Shang Dynasty such as pots, jars, knives, and others.

Mount Wutong

Located in Dawang Village, Shawan, Luohu District. The uniqueness of several mountains in China it is not very high, including Mt Wutong. But the appearance seems high, because Shenzhen is located on the flat land, so that the mountain has a height of 944 meters above ground level looks so high.

Mount Wutong offers a beautiful view of pine trees along this mountain road. From the top of mountain, you can see the view of Shenzhen city, also Hong Kong city. To climb this mountain is not difficult, because there are leading steps to the peak.

Local people often use this mountain as a place to spend their afternoons, enjoying the view and beautiful sunset. There are also people who use this court as a place to exercise. Don’t forget to visit this place if you're traveling to Shenzhen.

Xichong Beach

Xichong Beach is a beautiful beach, located in Longgang District, Shenzhen. This beach is becoming known by public because its a great place to surf.

The beach is one of Ten most beautiful places in China from National Geographic version. It is not as crowded beach like Da Meisha, or Xiao Meisha, but so many tourists visit this beach for surfing, sunbathing, and vacation or see the sunset.

Xichong beach surrounded by green hills with shady trees. No wonder if you still feel cool even on the beach. Xichong is one of the largest beach in Shenzhen.

Nanao Bay

One good place to relax when you're on vacation to China is Nanao Bay. Nanao Bay is located in Shenzhen, in Dapeng peninsula. This place has a million charm that can amaze anyone who see it. Nanao bay surrounded by green hills. The bay is also facing Pingzhou Island, which is located in Hong Kong, about 1.5 miles from the bay.

Walking around the Nanao Bay is a great way to relax that you should try. In addition to refresh your mind, you can also enjoy the culinary seafood dish at the restaurant around Nanao Bay.

Dapeng Fortress

Dapeng Fortress is a fortress complex as defense from Japanese pirate attacks. Built in 1394 by the Emperor of Ming Dynasty, this building has 110,000 square meters. In the Opium Wars, this place has a very important role as a place for defense and  strategize against Japanese and British.

Dapeng Fortress is located in the village of Pengcheng, Dapeng Town, Longgang District. This place can be reached within an hour from downtown Shenzhen. This place is a historic site that is protected by government. Government also built  Dapeng Fortress Museum at this place.

Senzhen Museum

Located in downtown Shenzhen, make it easier to access transportation to the museum. This museum has an 37,000 square meters area and about 18,000 square meters building. Different with the Art Museum that collecting objects from modern art, this museum is collecting a lot of historical objects such as sculptures and calligraphy, as well as the accompanying chronology.

One of interest room is the exhibition hall with an 1300 square meters area. Located on the second floor. The exhibition room contains many pictures and photographs on the history of independence in China.

China Folk Culture Village

It is one of the cultural park in China, here are the typical Chinese buildings and small gardens and their culture, such as Green Lake, Wind Rain Bridge, Waterfall Sliding Cable, Yao Village, Drum Tower, Lamasery, Quadrangle Gallery, Impression of China and others. The buildings and gardens were created to promote China, especially Shenzhen city as a tourist spot. This place often held attractions like Chinese dances, musical performances, even quirky festivals such as Water Festival and Torch Festival.

When you walk around this place, there are small garden are beautiful with rocks and green trees around it. There are several mini waterfalls. In China, there are about 56 types of ethnic groups, who have different cultures. Visitors can see and learn the culture of each ethnic. Each area also has a different food and  crafts type.

Splendid China

Splendid China is one of the favorite places for tourists who are traveling to Shenzhen. This place is a park, inside there are miniature of China. This miniatures are magnificent buildings that are located in China with a very similar details to the original building, that has 1:15 in scale.

Besides the buildings, there are also a variety cultures in China, which complements to these magnificent buildings.

Some miniature and icons from the famous buildings in China is Great Wall miniature. Made with bricks brought directly from Beijing, similar to bricks to create the original Great Wall. In addition to the Great Wall, there are the famous Terracota Army, complete with their cavalry. Then there is also The Forbidden City miniature, which is a symbol of the imperial family were very magnificent, complete with views from the trees that adorn the palace, and also many oter miniatures.

Minks World Military Park

This place was formerly used for basis to Russian airforce during the war. After end of war, the runway is abandoned and looks worn. A few years later, the local government renovate this area into a tourist attraction. Different with  Window of the World or Happy Valley, this park is a military theme park that is very  awesome.

Minks Wold is the first military theme park in Asia. At the first opened as a tourist attraction in 2000, this park was immediately crowded by visitors. More than five million people visit this park every year.

Dafen Village

You will see a unique view in Dafen Village, Shenzhen. Dafen village is a village that has a high artistic creativity. This village is the home of many painters. When you walk around in this village, you will be surprised by the view from all paintings that display along the way. Since 1989, this place became the largest oil painting gallery in Shenzhen and China, with more than 700 art galleries that exist in this village.

Almost every house in the village of Dafen became an art gallery, especially painting with oil paint. The reliable painters ranging from children to adults here. If you are an artist, this place you must visit during your visit to China. The paintings are on display at every corner of the house have a different theme. Tourists who come to this place are also allowed to buy the paintings produced by the local residents.

Happy Valley

Happy valley is one of the icon park  in Shenzhen. In different with Splendid China, this park has unique areas. This park has an 86 acres area, with green grass and shady trees that adorn the park. The park is designed with nine different type areas. Each area has its own theme, there Sunshine Beach, Gold Mine Town, Happy Times, Cartoon City, Spanish Square, Paya Maya Water Park, Shangri-la Woods, Mt. Adventure, and Typhoon Bay.

There are also a wide variety of exciting games and rides for children and adults. You can also enjoy the attractions and performances are held daily to entertain you. Featured attractions include typical dances from China, magic show, and circus.

Happy Valley is located in Nanshan District, Shenzhen. Happy Valley is not only in Shenzhen, but there are also in Shanghai, Beijing, and Chengdu. You must visit this place to complete your China tour.

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