India Tourist Destinations and Attractions

1. Darjeeling , West Bengal

This place is located in the region of West Bengal. Darjeeling is famous for its beautiful views of Kanchenjunga , the third highest peak in India, which is surrounded by natural beauty and green tea plantations. When you visit here you are also required to visit the hills Tiger (Tiger Hill) because it gives a beautiful view of the sunrise, but it also contained Mahakal temple, the Himalayan Zoo, a monastery and Singalila National Park. It also offers a variety of paths and biking on Mt options for adventure junkies. Additional there you can also enjoy the beauty Darjeling using an older train that will give a new experience and a new pleasure for you.

British who first initiated the Darjeeling as the central highlands tea plantations in India. Darjeeling tea gardens offer a beautiful landscape and elegant, in her warm spices country.

The existence of Darjeeling as a leading tea producer in the world is no doubt. The main result is a black tea with a distinctive aroma and intense flavor. Sipping Darjeeling tea in some cafes like Tea Cosy and Golden Tips & Nathmulls will take away all the tiredness. Moreover, this cafe is famous for two overlooking the beautiful natural landscape.

Beautiful scenery in Darjeeling is a tea garden. The existence of the tea plantations are the result of the British idea a few centuries ago. Then, the production of tea was followed by the construction of the oldest stations in India. The track is The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, opened in 1881 and is now one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.


2. Mumbai, The City Of Dreams

If you think about Mumbai certainly arises that glitz, glamor, and is one of the most magnificent cities in India, but make no mistake this place also offers natural attractions that are not less interesting as Ajanta Ellora Caves, Gateway of India, Elephana Islands, Marine Drive (which form a semi-circle shaped natural bay along the sea coast), Hanging Gardens, Haji Ali Dargah and some very impressive old monuments like Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminui. Mumbai also has a beautiful sky, pristine beaches, and the best shopping in India.

Mumbai city is the commercial and business center of India, the city of many important financial institutions. The city attract immigrants because it has a great of business opportunity.

3. Agra, The Taj City

Agra is a historical relic which is now protected by UNESCO, this historical place situated on the banks of the river Yamuna which is just 200 km from the capital city. This place is a relic of the Mughal Empire in one of the greatest empire in India lost it. Its architecture is no less interesting to the Taj Mahal, will feel less when not visiting this place. In addition, there are Agra Fort, Itmad-Ud-Daulah's Tomb, Fatehpur Sikri and Jama Masjid. You can even go for just a jewelery shop for knick knacks by your family. Agra is the most historic and natural attractions that must be visited in India.


4. Udaipur, the city of castle

The charming architecture of the city is visible from the buildings with the typical Mughal, Rajasthan, China, and the European Middle Ages. This can be seen clearly through the combined elements of glass, marble, paintings, silver interior, and colorful mosaics that adorn many corners of the building. Very beautiful, and never boring.

Udaipur was named the most romantic city in India. The city is often referred to as the City of Thousand palace because so many castles in there. Enhanced the beauty of the palace with beautiful lakes.

Udaipur can be enjoyed with cycling. There are many rental bikes throughout the city, as well as other favorite activity is riding a camel or a horse. With a beautiful city landscape, riding camels and horses can be very interesting.

Have enough money? Fateh Prakash Palace and Durbar Hall can be used as a luxurious stay. Fateh Prakash Palace has a very luxurious interior. The traveler called it the Crystal Palace because of the large crystal stones scattered in every corner. Fateh Prakash Palace and Durbar Hall are some versions of the palace that could be an alternative for the honeymoon. Luxurious interior and stunning scenery is a mainstay of both hotels.


5. Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Not many tourists know this island, but the island is a natural tourist attractions that must be visited in India because of the beauty and pristine scenery in this place. Some sites also include this island as Banker WorldWar II and colonial heritage buildings in Port Blair Britain. The island is filled with pristine sandy beaches and lush green forests there are also several active volcanoes in Barren islands. If you like water sports, the island is well worth visiting because you can enjoy scuba diving, snorkeling, and surfing here. A natural tourist spot that serves the world's best coastal perfection, Andaman and Nicobar Islands is among one of the popular places to visit in India.


6. Kodaikanal

Is one of the most tranquil hills of India, peaceful and highly admired. This place is located just 120 km from Madurai in Tamil Nadu Palani mountains. This place gives a very beautiful natural attractions of South India, you will not feel bored at this place because in addition to the beautiful mountains here also offers Kodaikanal Lake (an artificial lake), Bryant Park, a green valley, waterfalls Bear Shola, Guna Caves and museum shembaganur that will make you curious to visit this place one by one.

7. Kannauj, The fragrance City

Kannauj is a small town in the province of Uttar Pradesh. Although not look pretty, Kannauj has an important role in the life of India. This is where the center of making and producing perfumes in India.

Historically, perfume produced in this city was taken to the Middle East. Kannauj who was in one of the trade routes, making the perfume from this city would export to abroad. Fragrances of this small town were sold in the Middle East market.

India's fragrance called attar has a long durability that can not be equaled another perfume. One drop of attar fragrance can last for weeks, because the making process is traditional. It took a long time to produce a drop of perfume.

All fragrances process here using the traditional way. Amazingly, they even did not use electrical appliances. If you're curious, you can try a vacation to this city and see for how the stove and pots scattered kitchens making perfume.


8. Janpath Market, New Delhi

This place is the famous shopping center in India. If you visit to India and stopped in New Delhi, don’t forget to visit this market. Most tour guides will recommend Janpath Market as a souvenir shopping.

Janpath Market is known as a center of souvenirs in India. No wonder the most frequently visited tourist place as a reference to simply look for a souvenir to take home. Moreover, this shopping center is centrally located in Delhi, India. If you are in Janpath Market, you can easily search for various products. Because here, almost all the knick-knacks crafts available, ranging from wood, metal, to textile products.

Clothes to accessories are available in this place. Because many items are sold in small booths, almost of goods are also negotiable. If you want to shop, there are some tips that you can try, like seeing a price tag under the product and then neutralize them as low as possible. Because when items are negotiable deemed suitable, these traders will immediately provide the goods. Janpath market is not far from Connaught Place.

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