Melaka Tourist destinations and Attractions, Malaysia

Cheng Ho Museum

The museum was built to commemorate the admiral called Cheng Ho or Zheng He who lived during the Ming Dynasty in China. Famous wanderer has run seven cruises between 1405 and 1433 and left his mark in the Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia. Five of the voyage has taken him through Melaka, a port that has been established by him. This cruise has been recorded in the history of Melaka.

Cheng Ho Museum is located at Jonker Street close to the Tan Kim Seng Bridge. Cheng Ho Museum that located in the middle of town is not difficult for travelers to visit wherever you stay.

Admiral Cheng Ho has much influenced the development of Melaka. Cheng Ho museum is the most appropriate place to know and understand more about Melaka. This is the museum that you should visit.

Melaka River

This river is a trade center in Melaka during the Portuguese era. At that time the river was very crowded with merchant ships from around the world. There are many buildings in the era that still stand today. On the banks of the river there are also the old village and modern buildings. The trip down the river takes about 45 minutes, usually there is a tour guide when you are in the boat.

The boats usually leave after a number of passengers have been sufficient. Usually about 6 passengers. Wherever you stay,its very easy to go, because the boat going down the Melaka River that located in the center of Melaka town. To go to the boat dock, you can take a taxi or even just walk.

Kampung Hulu Mosque

The mosque was built during the Dutch colonial era and is the oldest mosque in the country. All parts are original mosque had been replaced with concrete, except the four pillars and the roof of the mosque. In the yard of the mosque there is a grave of Sayyid Abdullah Al-Haddad, a religious teacher who is regarded as mayor.

Kampung Hulu Mosque is located just one street hose from Jonker Street. Don’t forget to visit this mosque to see the beauty of the art building when you visit Jonker Street.

Just for your information, if you are not a Muslim, you are not permitted to enter the mosque, but you still allowed to take pictures from outside the mosque.

St. John Fort

St. John Fort was built by the Dutch in 18th century, formerly is a Portuguese church that built to commemorate St. John. The fort was possessed unique characteristics, the cannon leads to mainland, because at those days attack to Melaka generally come from the land rather than the sea.

Another attraction of this fort is an interesting sight, especially during sunsets can be seen from top of the hill.

St. John Fort is located outside the city. You can reach by Parameswara street to get out of the city to Ujung Pasir street and then turn left into Bukit Senjuang street.

St. Peter Church

The church was built in 1710 after Dutch restore the freedom to Roman Catholic Church in Melaka. Art building design incorporates features of both East and West. The oldest artifacts in this church is the bell, made in Goa, Indonesia in 1608. The bell has been rescued from an older church, which was burned by the Dutch during their attack in 1641.

Because St. Peter Church is located in the center of town, it is not difficult to go to this location wherever you stay. You can walk or take a taxi to go.

Baba Nyonya Museum

Chinese residents that also called Baba Nyonya are Chinese citizens which has been widely applied Malay culture in their lives. It is a process that takes more than 400 years, since the famous wanderer, Admiral Cheng Ho first brought Chinese citizens to settle in Melaka.

After a long time, the Baba Nyonya have formed their own culture which is different from other Chinese culture and exist only on the west coast, especially in Melaka. Today, visitors can see ancient items, unique artifacts related to the culture at a museum run by the Baba Nyonya community in Melaka.

This museum is located on Heeren Street near Jonker Street.

Mini Malaysia Park

Mini Malaysia Park is located a few kilometers in the suburbs Melaka near Ayer Keroh. If you like the art of building and the traditional way of life, this is the most appropriate place.

Every house here represents one of 13 art style building of country houses in Malaysia and 12 ASEAN countries, which are decorated with a variety of goods, the arts and crafts that depict the culture of each country.

In every house, you will see a variety of art crafts from countries or regions in Malaysia. This park gives experience to the visitors to see all the art buildings and heritage of Malaysia. This park is also a suitable place for a vacation away from the crowds.

Jonker Street

A very popular tourist attraction in Melaka. This place is a center of antiques item in Melaka. Antiques, artifacts and historical relics have over 300 years old can be found in this place. Sometimes you can get a fairly cheap price for an antique. This place is very popular among antique collectors.

If you do not like to shop, you can hang out in the cafes are located along the road. Jonker Street is located in central Melaka, so you will not be difficult to find hotels and other accommodations.

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