Pub, Bar and Nightlife in Bali, Indonesia

Besides of the beautiful nature, bali also has a lively nightlife. If you love party, Bali is the right place. There are so many pubs, bars, clubs, discos or whatever you call it. Most are located in Legian and Seminyak. So, if during the day you are at the beach or shopping, in the night, you can enjoy the night at the clubs. Don't forget to sleep...

Hard Rock Cafe Bali, Kuta

Bali is not only known for its beauty, but also the nightlife. For the busy and famous location like Kuta and Seminyak, there are many choices of places for hang-out. And one of them is the Hard Rock Café at Kuta Street.

Strategic location is the advantage for this cafe, because it is very easy to reach. Especially for those who are staying at the hotel as Kartika Plaza or in Legian, simply by walking can be directly visited the Hard Rock Cafe. So, what is offered in Hard Rock Cafe? Here you can relax and enjoy the music and attractions from local and international DJ.

So, if you don’t like rock, you can still come to this place, because the wide selection of music is ready to entertain you. In addition, the Hard Rock Cafe also has a hotel, the Hard Rock Hotel, which has complete facilities and luxurious like other hotels in Bali.

Hard Rock Cafe is located on Pantai Kuta Street, Kuta, Bali, Indonesia. Phone; 62-361-755-661

Eikon, Legian

Eikon is a lounge bar, located in the heart of Kuta's famous clubbing district, which is the perfect place to hang-out, clubbing, and having fun enjoying the beautiful Balinese night. Eikon offers a bright and elegant features that come with the red color gives a friendly impression, furnished with comfortable sofas and a range of striking modern artwork.

Eikon offers a classic colonial feel, designed with a pile of red bricks and accentuate the building with wooden dominance. Here you can listen Jazz and R & B, which can give a new spirit among tourists. Eikon provides not only a classy drinks and food that is ready to serve for all of the guests, but also to provide real entertainment for all guests inside.

On the second floor, Eikon also appear with elegant interiors, and is usually used to hang out and dinner for all guests. Exclusive white theme on this floor have successfully made this place look elegant in a simple way. Moving forward, there is a terrace which can be used to look at the atmosphere in Legian street.

Eikon is located on Legian Street No. 178, Kuta, Bali, Indonesia. Phone; 62-361-750701.

New Dewata Bar

The beauty and natural attractions of Bali is only one part of the uniqueness of this island. Another charm is nightlife (Bali night), which became one of the favorite destinations for tourists, not only locally but also foreigners from different world. And New Dewata, located in Denpasar Bali is one of the clubs and bars are often filled with tourists.

Every day the bar was always create a theme party. This is a very unique bar, a party with a theme and set free to be followed by anyone. As a visitor you are free to express themselves with everything you want, as long as it fit with the theme of the party is being held on that day. You can wear a mask or costume that is unique and interesting, in accordance with the theme.

Although the place is relatively small, but the New Dewata offering a memorable experience to every guests, because at this place you can interact and party together with other guests who come from different countries.

New Dewata Bar is located on Gunung Soputan Street No. 16B, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia.

Q Bar and Cafe

The atmosphere in this bar is very romantic and inclusive. This bar was popularized by a U.S Citizen Holder Paul Counihan.

Favorite menu for the guests is Tom Yum and Beef Kebab, which you can enjoy while drink cocktails, local wine or a cold beer. Do not imagine this place will get an unpleasant treatment from the waiters. Because they will serve every visitor who comes with friendly.

Q Bar and Café is located at Dhyana Pura Street, Abhimanyu Arcade, Bali 80361, Indonesia.

Twice Bar

Twice Bar is a night club that always crowded by local Balinese and foreign travelers who need place to socialize and hang out with new community, especially the local residents. Twice Bar serves an ideal hangout locations and the other as a place to socialize, makes it a favorite place to visit.

Alcohol is available here that you can enjoy as much, from Vodka, Beer, Whiskey and more. Besides here you can warm up with a few alcoholic beverages, you can also enjoy the music.

Twice Bar does not have large areas. The interior design is very simple with a good and friendly service. The floor and walls of dark, thus making the atmosphere at Twice Bar is many regard outside the mainstream. Several paintings by local artists on display at Twice Bar looks who prefers the feel of surrealism.

Twice Bar is located at Jalan Poppies 1, Kuta, Bali, Indonesia.

Blue Eyes

This place is actually a part of the facilities provided by Harrads Hotel & Spa, features Martin Audio System with a capacity of up to 50,000 watts and a fantastic lighting with Laser Pro 7 Magnum System. So, this is Blue Eyes that can create a fun and excitement atmosphere.

The atmosphere is so festive, you will be greeted with live music, DJs, and also sexy dancer. In certain occasions, Blue Eyes will hold a variety events, which often involve guest stars, band or DJ.

Blue Eyes Harrads located in Sanur Hotel and Spa, Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai 888, Sanur, Bali, Indonesia.

MyRoom Club

Myroom Club Bali provide a dynamic atmosphere, elegant and modern. This place is worth for you, if you want to enjoy a night in Kuta.

Myroom Club provides a comfortable and cozy atmosphere, every night is a party. Music with a strong beat, played by the DJ make the atmosphere more excited. Myroom Club has a modern interior, combined with the glitter lighting that makes this place often to be a first choice for tourists.

This club has a strategic location, making it easier for guests to reach. The waitresses is so friendly, make visitors feel at home in this Club.

Myroom Club is located at Jalan Legian No 60 , Kuta, Bali, Indonesia. Phone: 62-361-750412

Sugar Club

Sugar Club, means sweet, philosophically shows a pleasure, so that the owner and manager of the club was expecting all guests who come to the Club will have fun and forget any fatigue. At the Sugar Club, you can relax while enjoying a variety of food and drinks menu that has provided to all guests.

Sugar Club very crowded in the afternoon until dawn. It will be nice if you came to this place with all of your buddy.

Sugar Club is located in the area known as the center of urban travel, there are many bars, lounges, clubs and restaurants, namely Seminyak. So no wonder in the middle of the night, Seminyak look more alive and crowded. Sugar Club Seminyak as one of the clubs in this region.

Sugar Club is located on Jalan Raya Seminyak, Bali-Indonesia. Phone: 62-361-730592

Club Cosmo

If you like cocktails, then you can go to this club. This place provided a wide range of cosmopolitan cocktails. Club Cosmo has two bars, one on the porch and the other in a dance club. Club Cosmo also do promotions for wine, beer, and champagne. You curious? Can directly visit to Cosmo's Club.

Cosmo Club is an ideal place for tourists who love the glitter of nightlife. Guests who come here will really be entertained by a lively club, the sexy dancers and the availability of a wide range of drinks. This place has a very good audio system, lighting system, along with the laser beam and the friendly service from all the waiters.

Club Cosmo Located on Gosha Plaza at No. 8 and 9 Jalan Dhyana Pura, Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia. Phone: 62-361-738696

Wayang Cafe

You can visit to Wayang Cafe if you travelling to Bali. Wayang Café is a restaurant and bar that is not only a favorite of many local tourists, but also a favorite of foreign tourists who come to Bali.

This place has an European-style architecture, because the building has a high roof. The implication of the high roof makes the air circulation becomes smooth and makes no stuffy inside, though filled with many visitors. The lighting is concerned in good detail.

Wayang Cafe located on Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia. Phone: 62- 361-283183

Bosche VVIP Club

Kuta district, Bali is often referred to as the center of nightlife in this island. You can go to cafe, bar, pub or night club that is so easy to find here. Boshe VVIP Club is one that will be stomping your night. Boshe Club is often used as a place to gather, dance or relax among young Balinese and tourists.

Here you can enjoy the night with euphoria. Inside you will be entertained with 30,000 watt Martin audio system, 12 films lighting, as well as a dazzling laser light. You are ready with all that? Here you can enjoy the festive night sensation, dancing, drink or just dinner.

Boshe VVIP Club is located at Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai 89X, Tuban, Bali-Indonesia.

Ozigo Bar

Ubud, Bali is not only famous for its natural beauty and unique social life and friendly people, but also an exciting nightlife. Ozigo Bar is one club you can visit at Ubud.

This bar offers a selection of Cuban cigars. Like the other bars, live music and DJ performances also become the main entertainment for the guests. In addition, certain early days Ozigo Bar also features sexy dancer.

Ozigo Bar located at Jalan Sangginan, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.

Rendezvous Bar

Rendezvous Bar and Café is located on Seminyak. The bar is much visited by many local and foreign tourists.

This place was recommended by many travelers. Convenient because located close to the beach, making the atmosphere becomes more romantic. Sea breeze, beautiful sky and white sand that you can enjoy when you visiting the Rendezvous Bar and Café will make you more comfortable.

Rendezvous has a very comfortable place to hang out, quiet and fresh air. Another advantage is a delicious food menu. In addition to a delicious food, the waiters are very friendly and try to provide maximum service to all guests.

The menu that offered is generally seafood, because this club is located on the beach. Seafood is served from fresh fish, as taken directly from the fishermen. In addition, it was also a mini bar for those who want to enjoy music at night.

Rendezvous Bar and Cafe located at Jalan Abhimanyu 7, Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia. Phone: 62-361-737273.

Cocoon Bar and Resto

Want to try a different place, a fun place to eat, cozy and very beautiful? So Cocoon Bar and Restaurant had been the answer. Why? Because the location right in the edge of Seminyak Beach, makes Cocoon Bar and Restaurant looks beautiful. In addition, a variety of foods with a variety of exciting entertainment facilities is ready to entertain all guests.

Cocoon Bar and Restaurant successfully combines modern concept cafe that blends with the beautiful seaside atmosphere. As for the facilities it offers so complete, like a swimming pool and a bar and lounge. Cocoon like a chameleon that can change the mood and feel of the day and night. Cocoon Bar and Restaurant can be used for a food with a relaxed atmosphere during the day, but it turned into a luxurious and exclusive dining at night.

Cocoon Bar and Restaurant is located at Jalan Double Six No.66, Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia. Phone: 62-361-731266.

The Martini Club

The Martini Club is located at The Ritz-Crlton Hotel in Jimbaran. This club is often used as a gathering event for Martini fans when they visit to Bali. The Club looks very luxurious. All kinds of Martini can find here.

Almost all types of Martini available here. There are at least 30 types of Martini that you can enjoy, like Gimlet, 007, Nutty-Tini and Triple Sec. Which you like? In addition, The Martini Club also has a membership system that will provide an exclusive and special services for all the members. So The Martini Club has a special room for all guests who have a member card.

The Martini Club is located at the Ritz-Carlton, Jalan Karang Mas Sejahtera, Jimbaran, Bali, Indonesia. Phone: 62-361-702222. 

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