Pub, Bar and Nightlife in Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is not only known for its historical place but also all of the nightlife. Below are some nightclubs in Bangkok, pubs, bars, restaurants, and more. You can make this as a reference.

Bar @494

Located at the Grand Hyatt Erawan Hotel, in chidlom-Ploenchit area, Bar @ 494, one of the destinations that cozy and classy. On Monday-Saturday, bar open from 01.00 pm until 01.00 am. Sunday, the bar is only open from 5:00 pm until 0:00 pm.

This bar is very cozy place, all guests do not have to wear formal clothes. This place is worth a visit by the couple as decorated like a garden in the room, romantic and fun.

87 +

Located at the Conrad Hotel, 87 + to be one bar serving upscale customers. Open every day from afternoon until midnight, the bar offers Happy Hour with discounted package certain food between the hours of 8:00 pm until 10:00 pm

Here like a cosmopolitan atmosphere with a spacious dance floor. There was a live band performance and the DJ will play hip, make the atmosphere more lively.

Brown Sugar Bangkok

Founded in 1985, Brown Sugar present a festive evening at Phrasumen Road. Just info, this bar is one of the world's best bar version of Newsweek in 1997. Each day, the bar is open from 05:00 pm until 22:00 am.

It has been almost 3 decades passed, and brown sugar remains synonymous with quality jazz music. Despite changing locations of Sarasin Road, the image was still brought up to extend its name to "Brown Sugar: The JazzBoutique".

Diplomat Bar

Located at the Conrad Hotel, Diplomat Bar is certainly a favorite among the upper class. Each day, the bar is open from 10:00 pm until 1:00 am. Many who come here, ranging from executives, political figures, celebrities.

The design is elegant, the seats are made from silk, and the interior is dominated by wood, with a model of a circular bar. There are live music performances are held every day, except Sunday. Usually offered is jazz music. 

Glaz Bar

Located at the Plaza Athenee Hotel on Wireless Road, Glaz Bar has managed to add a reference to the rich evening entertainment for tourists, expats, and locals.

Open from 11:00 am until 2:00 am each day, Glaz Bar has a contemporary and chic. The floor is made from dark green marble with classy elegant impression on any furniture. Sofas and tables arranged in such a way as to provide a comfortable atmosphere.

Every night except Sunday there always filled with music performance, mostly jazz. The service is friendly and quick. Visitors can come with family, friends, and friends.



Located in the basement of the Grand Hyatt Erawan, Spasso be one of the most favorite bar in the area chidlom and Ploenchit. The bar is open from late afternoon until after midnight. This club is always crowded

The bar designed with stylish and very typical of Asia. Held live music every night from 08:00 pm until 2:00 am. The band was playing classical music, pop, and latin.

Hippie de Bar

This building has a stylish young interior design. With dim lights, interior generally colored like wood, and the room that provides privacy but warm. No wonder so many backpackers come to this place.

Visitors can choose to sit on the sofa or a lawn chair outside the room. The food offers range from sandwiches, burgers, and a variety of pasta and spaghetti. For drinks, you can order wine, whiskey and beer. Music played mostly R&B and techno.


This bar is known for its modern and spacious. Located in Chakrapong Road, Khao San. Many who visit here, especially the backpackers. Restaurant is open from 11:00 pm - 2:00 am.

The atmosphere is cozy. Visitors can choose to sit indoors or outdoors. There is a Euro-style bar, Billyard table, and a large TV to watch the latest sporting events live.


Cinnamon Bar

Probably not many people are familiar with this bar. Small and hidden location in Soi Sawasdee, the Khao San Road. The bar is open every day from noon till night. But interestingly, it never seemed crowded by visitors.

From the outside, the exterior looks modern chic. Clean white walls, dominated by glass. Inside, the furniture made ??with muted colors, featuring an elegant impression. Looks more like a lounge than a bar. At the rear is a dance floor.

The music played here is usually the latest music. So that visitors can enjoy a drink or a dance to the rhythm. Very fun to be here.


Beer Buddy

This bar has a very bright light as many lamps dominated. Located on Khao San Road. Beer Buddy is open 24 hours. There is a pool table if you want to play billiards. The place is very crowded at weekends.

The bar is not completely look like club, because it has a restaurant concept as well. Therefore, Beer Buddy is quite famous in the area of ??Khao San Road. Not only local people who come here, but also backpackers and tourists. The price offered is very affordable.


Brick Bar

Located at Buddy Lodge complex, Brick Bar has a distinctive European feel combined with music. The bar is open from 06.00 pm until 01.00 am.

The walls are decorated with red brick, making it seem modern bar. The music played here is jazz, blues, and ska. Even some Thai musical instruments given house music. No wonder so many locals are happy to visit this place.

AB Bar

Located in the Khao San area, under the Gazebo Bar, there is a bar that enliven the night AB in Bangkok with a variety of jazz offerings, Thai music, international pop music to be requested by visitor.

It's very comfortable and warm. There is a balcony, and in the middle there is a stage that can be seen by anyone. The design is contemporary.

Club is open from 08:00 pm until 3:00 am. For visitors who want to enjoy live jazz, can come every Tuesday night.

Gazebo Bar

What’s interesting about this bar is that the location on the rooftop. With Cairo-style atmosphere, visitors will be able to feel the breeze while listening to music played by a live band.

Many who come here and order for smoked shisha together. If you want to drink, visitors can try Moroccan-style cocktail. If you want to visit, just come with the Smart Casual dress at 08.00 till late at night and have fun.

Party House One

Located on the ground floor of Siam at Siam Design Hotel, Party House One has a unique decor charming. Each day, the bar is open from 06.00pm until 02.00 o'clock am. Many who come here, especially the youth and executives.

The bar was a lot made ??of glass, concrete floors, and a backdrop that many use the visualization of light effects. The dance floor make the atmosphere more attractive with colored lights.

Sitting comfortably on the sofa, visitors will be played dance music, retro, jazz, reggae, or even disco. The atmosphere is like a dinner, but with a more entertaining atmosphere.

Syn Bar

Located on Wireless Road, Syn Bar has a stylish and chic impression. With a retro-style interior, Syn Bar is open every evening starting at 5:00 pm until midnight.

Syn Bar is located on the ground floor (lobby), this bar serves cocktails are many variations, such as Mangosteen Martini and Wasabi Mary. There are also a variety of wines that can be ordered in a glass or bottle and mostly imported from the wine-producing countries.

Route 66

If you visit Ratchadapise Road, not complete if not visited Route 66. Want to enjoy the atmosphere of a party night in Bangkok, then this club is the right choice.

At night, the beat will be higher, and the crowd started to go down to the dance floor to party! Not surprisingly, most young people love this club. This is where the people can wear simple clothes, just pants and you can enter. There is a lot of table.


Located at the Peninsula Hotel Bangkok on Charoen Nakorn Road, there is Jesters. Open from 06:00 pm until 2:00 am, Jesters many plays rhythmic jazz music. The view is very beautiful, because it is directly facing the Chao Phraya river. Evening crowd will really feel here, with upbeat music at midnight.

The interior design is contemporary style. In the club room, there is a large glass that adorn one wall, allowing visitors to see a stretch of the river. On the ground floor is more like dinner, and upstairs there is a stage for live bands.

Zeta Bar

Located in the Millenium Hilton Hotel Bangkok, Charoennakorn Road, Zeta Bar is the most favorite among the women. Almost every night, this place is always crowded with girls and single women. Every day, Zeta Bar is open from 05:00 pm to 02:00 am.

If you go to this place, you will immediately feel the exotic red lights. Plush sofa gives you comfort. There is a bar with the bartender, who are ready to mix drinks you want.

This bar had won the award in concepts category, and the bar is not only in Bangkok but also in Sydney, Kuala Lumpur and Beijing. Many lesbians loves to visit here.

Bamboo Bar

Named Bamboo Bar, because bamboo is a China native plants. This bar gives forest interiors but with modern furnishings.

Located in the Mandarin Oriental Bangkok Hotel, Bar has become one of the exclusive bar with semi-colonial style. Open every Thursday till Sunday, 11.00 am to 02.00 am, the bar is mostly visited with executive came looking for entertainment.

Bangkok Bar

Located in Rambutri Road, beside Sawasdee Guest House, Bangkok Bar comes as a destination of local young people and the middle class travelers. The bar is open from around 12:00 noon until midnight.

This bar was founded at 2007 and visited by many tourists and locals on weekend. On weekdays, there is a visitor but not as crowded on Saturday or Friday. This bar play full beat and house music.

Visitors can choose to sit at the bar or lounge if they come with friends. At midnight, there is a sexy dancer will entertain on the dance floor and bar table.

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