Sydney Beaches, Australia

Narrabeen Beach

One of the most popular location for surfing. Located 23 kilometers from Sydney's central business district. Narrabeen name comes from an Aboriginal language "Narabine" meaning goose.

There are four beaches are joined in a single line into clusters Narrabean coast, the North Narrabeen, Narrabeen, South Narrabeen and Collaroy beach. Collaroy is now separated, but still remain in the shoreline.

For safety, here provided Surf Life Saving Club which will help safety and provide first aid if something happens.

Location: Narrabeen Beach, Ocean Street, Sydney Suburbs, New South Wales, 2101, Australia.

Collaroy Beach

Located at 22 kilometers north of Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Collaroy Beach is one of the best tourist destinations for surfers.

Initially, this beach is a part of Narrabean, but in 1881 a ship called the SS Collaroy aground on the beach. Since then, the name was changed to Collaroy beach.

This beach has 3.4 kilometers long. Because the waves are really big, it provided some relief team like North Narrabeen SLC, SLC Narrabeen, South Narrabeen SLC, and Collaroy SLC. Not only surfing, here also opened Salvation Army's education center, which can accommodate up to 440 people.

Collaroy Beach and the surrounding area is home for several species of birds and marine animals are protected as endangered category. For example, are albatrosses Birds, Pelicans, Yellow-crested Cockatoo, dolphins, and whales.

Location: Collaroy Beach, Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Avalon Beach

The beach is located not far from Barroenjoey Road. Avalon Beach is a favorite destination for surfers, because it has waves up to 5 meters. Not only surfing, you can also try other sports, such as jet skis.

If you don’t like beach sports, here you can sunbath with a more privacy. While the south coast can serve as swim arena because the waves tend to be safe. Next to the beach is also provided special pool if you can’t surf.

Mona Vale Beach

The beach is located in the north of Sydney. This beach is actually two beaches separated by a reef. Located 28 kilometers from the Sydney CBD. This beach has a variety of natural beauty which includes the whole scenery. The water is blue, tend to be wavy, fine and white sand, but the whole landscape tends rocky.

This beach is well known by the surfers because of high waves. However, if you want to swim can still do it safely in the pool that has been provided. There has been a rescue team that is always on patrol in the region.

Balmoral Beach

Based in Mosman, Sydney. Given the same name as a castle in Scotland, this beach does have a variety of luxurious beauty that covers the entire landscape. The water is blue, tend to be wavy, fine and white sand, but the whole landscape tends rocky.

So much you can do here, from biking, rollerblading, jogging, playing sailboats, beach volleyball, and of course surfing. Not only that, visitors who come with families can picnic in the space provided.

Bronte Beach

Located on the east coast of Sydney, Bronte Beach has beautiful scenery and cool air. The location is just 2 kilometers to the south of Bondi Beach, and in the north there is Cooge Beach. All three beaches are connected by a pedestrian track filled with gravel. So if you've been to Bondi Beach or Cooge can also come to Bronte Beach.

This beach is popular with surfers because it has the high waves. If you want to swim, you can do it safely in the south pool.

Queenscliff Beach

Located to the north of Manly Beach, Queenscliff provide different atmosphere from the other beaches on the north peninsula. Here you can easily find many professional surfers. This beach has a very high waves, sometimes up to 8 meters.

Besides surfing, you can also snorkeling, parasailing and windsurfer on this beach. In the afternoon, usually you will find some groups who play beach volley.

Newport Beach

This beach has the waves from all directions. The rocks are located 250 meters to the south coast has become one of the high waves racing resource that enables professional surfers doing hobbies.

In November until April visitors will find only small waves. Meanwhile, between May to October there will be a bigger wave. Although the waves tend to be high, you can still swim in the pool that has been designed to secure, so adults and children can still swim safely.

Freshwater Beach

This beach has a 300 meters long. This beach has calm waves, making it very safe for swimming. Not just swimming, here you can also do snorkeling on the north shore. This beach also has white and large sand, so that more people are choosing to sunbathe.

Various water sports can also be done here, such as jet skiing and parasailing. If the waves tend to be high, so visitors can also do surfing. Freshwater Beach is a pioneer on the Hawaiian "Duke" Kahanamoku. Duke demonstrated how to surf in 1915. Until now, his image can be found on the north shore.

Palm Beach

This beach is the most luxurious and exclusive beach in Sydney. Named according to the number of coconut trees in the vicinity, Palm Beach is a peaceful and tranquil beach. Located on the northern route of Sydney. Access is easy and can reach with any vehicle.

Palm Beach is one of the main tourist destinations in Australia. Like most beaches in Australia, the beach is also a favorite location for surfing. The beach is also suitable for swimming in the spot that has been provided along 35 meters. One side is rocky and ideal for children, but rather the other side and is ideal for adults.

Location: Palm Beach, Sydney Suburbs, New South Wales, 2108, Australia.

Coogee Beach

This beach has calm waves among other beaches in Sydney, so it became a favorite place for swimming. In certain months, the waves were a little higher but still safe to use for swimming and play area.

The sand is soft and yellow. There is an area for walk to enjoy the beautiful panorama around the coast. Coogee is a great area to begin the journey to Bondi Coastal Walk.

Location: Coogee Beach, Arden St, Sydney Suburbs, New South Wales, 2034, Australia

Long Reef Beach

Because it is located in the north, the beach has calmer waves, and also is not too strong wind. Because the waves are more friendly, this beach is recommended as a convenient place for swim.

From the beach, if you are go the ocean, there is a much larger reef and has a 1.6 miles long to the south coast of Dee Why.

Location: Long Reef Beach, Sydney Suburbs, New South Wales, 2097

Bondi Beach

This beach is the most popular beach in Australia. Bondi Beach is one of the main tourist destinations in Sydney. Bondi Beach is visited by more than 2.5 million tourists every year.

In any Sydney guideand travel books , Bondi beach is always named as a 'must to do' destination. If you want to go to this place, it is not difficult because some bus lines pass through this beach. Including the Sydney tour bus, Bondi Explorer.

Like most beaches in Australia, Bondi Beach has a high sea waves, so many tourists to surf on this beach. If you don’t bring your surfboard, you can rent, there are some rental places for surf board, complete with a wet suit.

This beach is located on the east coast and there are a series of other beaches that stretch along the coastline, such as Bronte, Paramatta, and Coogee.

Manly Beach

This beach was named Manly Beach by Sydney first Governor, Arthur Phillip in 1788. Located at North Steyne, Sydney Suburbs, New South Wales, 2095. This beach is located near the city. Although surrounded by skyscrapers buildings, but you can still see the beautiful scenery here.

If you love surfing, then you can go to an area called Queenscliff Bommie, 1.5 kilometers from northern this beach, the waves can reach 5 meters. If you want to reach this area, you can rent a boat.

Cronulla Beach

Cronulla Beach is located on Bate Bay, on the coast south of Sydney, Australia. This beach is the only beach that can be reached by train.

The north coast is Elouera and Wanda beaches, is a favorite surfing destination. Interestingly, here there surfing courses from beginner level to advanced level.

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