Tourist Destinations and Attractions in Perth, Australia

Kings Park and Botanic Garden

The park has beautiful landscape and one section of the park has spectacular scenery, such as the city of Perth and Swan River, the river that became an icon of the city, and divides the north and south of Perth. In addition, there are a playground for families in the park.

There are two main playground in accordance with the age of your child. One area for toddlers up to 7 years and other areas for bigger and older.

Bell Tower and Barrack Square

If Paris has the Eiffel Tower then Perth has a Bell Tower. The building is unique and still works. The shape and design like beak of goose, colored green dominant and most sides are made from glass. Visitors can go inside to see how the bell works.

Bell tower located on the barrack square, on the banks of swan river. Some packages cruise to Fremantle and Rottness Island and also to the south of Perth by ferry departs from here.


This area is used as a cultural center with the Art Gallery of WA, WA Museum and Central Library (State Library) that are adjacent to each other. If you love art, this place must be visited.

State Library also provides a variety of activities for the kids such as rhyme time, story telling, face painting and crafts. All materials are provided free, but you are encouraged to give gold coin donation ($ 1 - $ 2).

Caversham Wildlife Park

For tourists, visiting Caversham Wildlife Park is a great way to see Australia's national icons and other uniquely Australian animals such as koalas, Tasmanian devil, dingo, kangaroo and owls.

One thing to do here is touching wombats and may carry him! Your kids would love to ride a camel and try milking a cow. Caversham Wildlife Park has more than 2,000 animals, a fun vacation for families who want to enjoy nature and wildlife.

Swan Valley

In Perth, you can visit different types of farm which produce the best wines, Swan Valley is one of the best. You can enjoy a leisurely walk along the rows of vineyards, and stay in the hotel with all the accommodations offer.

If you have more time, make sure to do a romantic trip down the Swan River to enjoy the view of the entire valley.

City Beaches

The west side of this city is directly adjacent to the sea, so that there are a lot of beaches are worth to visit. Soft white sand and clean beaches with blue waters will make you feel free and relax.

City Beaches is one of the popular tourist location for families because the waves are not too high so it is safe to swim here. Scarborough, Trigg and Cottesloe beach is famous for its rows of cafes, good waves for surfers even suitable for fishing.

But note the rules if you want to get into Swanbourne beach, because the beach is special for visitors who want to enjoy the beach naked (nudist).

Perth is easily accessible and has great weather all seasons. Spring starts in September, and December to late February is summer.

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