Australia Tourist Destinations and Attractions

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House is one of the most unique buildings in the world. The building is located in Sydney, New South Wales, near the Sidney Harbour Bridge are both equally become an icon of Australia.

The shape is unique, which is designed like a conch shell. Designed by Jorn Utzon, a Danish citizen who won the Sydney Opera House design competition in 1955.

The building also has other functions, as a variety theater, ballet, and also a variety of other arts display. The building is managed by the Opera House Trust has become the headquarters for the Opera House, Sydney Symphony Orchestra and the Sydney Theatre Company.

Sovereign Hill, Ballarat

It is an attractive tourist destination. Sovereign hill is a city of gold in Australia, from the mid-1800s that have been reinvented to become a tourist attraction that takes you into the past.

In this place you can see houses and the quaint shops on the dirt road that passed people dressed in 19th century models with their horse trains. You also can attend school, which is similar in that era (even learning to write with a dip pen), to see how the old-fashioned steam engine (which still runs perfectly), panning for gold in the river, to see the Chinese immigrant camp, and others.

Don’t forget to taste the caramel fudge and lollipops that sold in a candy store on the main street. If you want to test your panning gold skills, don’t go to Sovereign hill at winter because the water is so freezy.

Old Melbourne Gaol

Old melbourne gaol is the first prison in Australia. In this place, Ned Kelly, who was called Robin Hood from Australia imprisoned and eventually hanged. What I do not like it is a creepy place. The cells are very moist.

There was also a whip (which had been soaked with salt water to make it more pain when used for whipping), tools for punishment, even the head mold from the prisoners who had been executed were made from plaster. The mold used for criminal behavior study, which were related to the head shape.

Healesville Sanctuary

Want to see koala from up close, or shake hands with a kangaroo? Well, you have go to Healesville Sanctuary.

Different with melbourne zoo, in this place all the animals are allowed to live freely, they do not put in the cage, so you can interact directly with all the animals (except the koala because they sleep 20 hours a day).

Do not feed the animals there because they generally have a specific diet.

Taronga Zoo

The zoo is located on Bradleys Head Road Mosman, Sydney, New South Wales, first opened on October 7, 1916. This zoo offers an interesting alternative.

In addition to having over 26,000 animals, Taronga was decorated with a beautiful thick foliage.

You will be involved directly on investigation and conservation of animals. Don’t worry, because Taronga provide special officer for this facility.

For tourists who want to play around with the koala, Taronga provides superior picture taken with the koala (Phascolarctos cinereus).

Gold Coast

Gold Coast is a tourist spot that became an tourism icon in Queensland. This place is an urban area that stretches from Beenleigh in the north to the south, to Coolangatta with the white sandy Pacific Ocean beach.

Gold Coast is equipped with several tourist resorts, like Paradise Point, Southport, Currumbin Beach, Surfers Paradise and Burleigh Heads. The warm and exotic beach, big wave, a strategic position (close to Brisbane and border State of New South Wales), make the Gold Coast as an international standard designed resort.

In addition, you can see the Great Baririer Reef of the Coast, which is the world's longest coral reef. This coral reefs have become one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Not only beach, Gold Coast also offers tours, known as the Gold Coast Hinterland. In this place, you can find various types of interesting attractions besides the beach, such as rain forests, mountainous landscape, Australian flora and fauna, cultural festivals, and more. Mount Tamborine and Springbrook, Lamington Plateau Rainforest and mountain resorts of Binna Burra and O'Reilly's is one of the attractions in this area.

Phillip Island

If Sidney has Taronga Zoo, Melbourne has a Phillip Island as one of the best attraction. This island is about 2 hours from Melbourne. This place also has a complete entertainment facilities.

One of the main attraction is the Penguin Parade. The place is located in the southwest of Phillip Island. Here, every sunset, you can see the group of hundreds penguins emerge from the sea to the land. You may not take pictures, but you will not be disappointed, because you can get lots of souvenirs here.

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